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CASCADE kas-ˈkād NOUN 
A process whereby something, typically information or knowledge, is successively passed on


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Some of the content I've been lucky enough to create

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Inverted Perspective: The Vicki Golden Story
Alpinestars Supercross 23 Commercial
Racing To The Tallest Building In The World
FLY Racing 2022 Supercross Commercial
MOTO | CO: REVOLUTIONS Official Trailer
The Tactician: A Cody Webb Story | Official Trailer 4K
Cody Webb: REAL MOTO 2020 | World of X Games
MOTO | CO: Revolutions - Bradley Slums Full Part
This is MOTO | Tom Parsons | Full Part



Filmmaker and storyteller specializing in
action sports/adventure lifestyle

Here I am, on my forever long journey to becoming a cinematic Swiss army knife. Always looking to grow as a person and creator, I'll never be content with settling into a present state of abilities as the quest to becoming a jack of all trades, master of all is far too enticing of a challenge. The way I see it, the more skillful I grow to be, the better I become at telling the stories of others whose chapters deserve to be unraveled. I have a love for learning new skills and meeting new people, and this career path constantly opens the door for both of those. It’s that ever changing landscape, influx of new people and ability to express myself creatively that leaves me feeling lucky to do what I do. So here I am, fluidly ready to aid wherever I can! If a one stop production shop is what you need with direction, DOP and post production all wrapped up in one package, I'm your guy. If all you need is simply a rock solid specialty camera operator, then I can’t wait to be apart of your crew. I love working with other humans and creating an environment where we all can just do what we were put on this earth to do… CREATE!


- Director, DOP, and editor with 8 years of experience

- 3 years of experience as a colorist

- Specialty camera operation specializing in adapting to tough environments and high stakes scenarios 

- Round about post production house with 7 full length action sports movies and many other long form projects under my belt



A few of my favorite moments with so many more to come

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